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Holding Medical Device Manufacturers Accountable

A number of life-saving medical devices have turned out to be life-threatening because of poor design and testing, defective components, improper implantation, or misrepresentation of “rare but serious” side effects.

If your family member suffered permanent damage or died because of a defective medical device, the Kansas City medical product liability attorneys at Dempsey Kingsland Osteen can help you fight for justice. We want to help you seek the compensation you deserve to right the wrongs against you and your family.

We offer free consultations, taking cases throughout the K.C. metro area (Missouri and Kansas). Call us at (816) 484-3776 today.

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Experienced in Medical Device Litigation

Law partners Lee Dempsey, Bob Kingsland, and Jason Osteen bring over 100 years of experience in personal injury litigation, with many verdicts and settlements in product liability cases. They can evaluate your possible claim relating to any medical device, including dangerous products for which there has already been a recall.

We have helped clients with claims involving:

  • Medtronic pacemakers
  • Kugel mesh patches for hernia repair
  • Angioplasty stents for heart surgery
  • Artificial heart valves
  • Replacement joints (hips, knees, shoulders)
  • Cosmetic implants
  • Tainted donor tissue implants
  • Defective wheelchairs, lifts and medical aids
  • Surgical apparatus
  • Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator lead recall
  • PCA pain pumps
  • Shoulder pain pumps
  • Guidant heart devices
  • HeartMate II heart pump

Dempsey Kingsland Osteen has the experience and resources to take on major manufacturers of medical devices in pursuit of rightful damages for our clients. We have handled complex, multi-district litigation and class action lawsuits. Our firm also hires experts in product engineering and manufacturing, surgical implantation, medical electronics, and related fields to demonstrate the failure and to establish a connection between the device and the adverse patient outcome. We also examine implied consent and whether our client was a suitable candidate for an implantable device.

Arrange a free case evaluation today by calling us at (816) 484-3776. We can discuss participation in current class actions over recalled products or individual lawsuits.

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