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Case Results

  • $43.1 Million
    Vaccine Leads to Paralysis/Quadriplegia

    It is believed that this case is the single largest recovery for an individual for a vaccine injury in the United States. The case arises from a devastating adverse reaction to the measles, mumps & rubella (MMR) vaccine administered at a local pediatric clinic in Kansas City, Missouri To the then one (1) year old child.

  • $15.5 Million
    Medical Malpractice
    We recovered a confidential settlement on behalf of our client for a medical malpractice and wrongful death case.
  • $7.32 Million
    Vaccine Leads to Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest & Brain Damage

    This case arises out of a devastating adverse reaction by a Missouri resident to the tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap) vaccine. This vaccine had been administered to the then fifty-eight (58) year old financial planner who had formerly served as mayor of the small community where she lived. The plaintiff sustained encephalopathy and profound, irreversible brain injury.

  • $7.25 Million
    Workers' Compensation

    $7.25 million was awarded to the family of a twenty-five-year-old worker who fell to his death from a high rise building. The young man left behind a wife and three daughters. The worker was untrained and inexperienced and was in his first hour on the job when he was caused to fall to his death. This case was litigated in Jackson County.

  • $7 Million
    Breach of Policy Coverage/Bad Faith Claim
    In this case, an insurer failed to pay its policy limits thus exposing its insured to liability well beyond that sum. A $7 million settlement was eventually reached for the death of a young man. The underlying claim centered upon the insurer’s refusal to pay its $1 million in coverage. The settlement demand was repeatedly renewed but the carrier repeatedly refused to pay. After a Judgment well in excess of its coverage limits against its insured, a bad faith case ensued.
  • $5 Million
    Truck-Car Fatality Collision

    The insurance company for the truck driver and trucking company defendants initially offered $375,000 to settle this case. After we filed suit and took depositions of the truck driver and the President of the trucking company and its Safety Director, the defendants requested a mediation that accomplished a settlement in the sum of $5,000,000. Missouri Lawyers Weekly cited this case as the 5th largest settlement in the state of Missouri in 2008.