Few organs are as important as the heart. Fortunately, a good cardiologist can identify and treat potential issues before they worsen. However, some doctors fail to provide the proper care, and in some cases, they may even make matters worse.

Misdiagnosis and other medical errors kill nearly 800,000 Americans each year. If you believe your doctor made a mistake during treatment, contact Dempsey, Kingsland, & Osteen. Our compassionate Kansas City medical malpractice lawyers are dedicated to advocating for victims and seeking fair compensation.

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What Are Cardiology Errors?

Cardiology errors happen when a doctor treating your heart condition makes a mistake. These mistakes can occur at any stage and can have life-changing consequences. 

Here are some common examples of cardiology errors:

  • Misdiagnosis. The doctor might fail to spot a serious heart condition, mistake one heart problem for another, or misidentify contributing factors.
  • Medication errors. Some medical professionals give the wrong medication, incorrect dosage, or neglect potential drug interactions.
  • Surgical errors. Mistakes can happen during heart catheterizations, stent placements, or other surgeries.
  • Failure to order or interpret tests properly. Not ordering necessary tests, misreading test results, or delaying action based on test results can all lead to missed diagnoses or delayed treatment.
  • Delaying necessary treatment. Withholding appropriate medications, procedures, or surgeries can worsen a heart condition and lead to complications.
  • Improper monitoring. Failing to closely monitor a patient’s vitals or response to treatment can lead to missed signs of deterioration.
  • Early discharge. If a patient is sent home before they’re ready, their condition may worsen or lead to death. 

These are only a handful of potential cardiology errors. If you think your doctor made a mistake, speak with a doctor for a second opinion and call Dempsey, Kingsland & Osteen to understand your legal rights.

When Do Cardiology Errors Become Medical Malpractice? 

Not every error made by a doctor amounts to medical malpractice. For you to have a valid claim, you’ll need to prove the following errors:

  • Duty of care. You established a doctor-patient relationship with your provider, creating a duty for them to provide an acceptable standard of care for your heart condition.
  • Breach of duty. The cardiologist deviated from the accepted standard of care, such as making a mistake that a reasonably competent doctor in the same field wouldn’t have made.
  • Harm. The doctor’s error must cause actual harm, such as injury, worsening your condition, or additional medical expenses.
  • Causation. There must be a clear connection between the doctor’s error and the harm you suffered.

Proving each of these elements can be difficult, so it’s vital that you work with an experienced cardiology error lawyer. They can review your case details and help you understand your legal options.

How Dempsey, Kingsland & Osteen Can Help

Our firm understands the complexities of medical malpractice cases and is here to guide you through this difficult time. With our tailored approach and unwavering dedication, we can help you seek the best possible outcome and hold your doctor accountable.

Free Case Consultation

We know that most people don’t have the funds to hire a cardiology malpractice lawyer, which is why we always offer free consultations. During this confidential meeting, you can discuss your case details with a member of our legal team. We’ll listen to your story, answer any questions you may have, and explain possible options to resolve your case. 

Experience in Medical Malpractice Cases

Our firm has over 100 years of combined experience handling medical malpractice cases. We have represented numerous clients in Kansas City and have a proven track record of securing favorable settlements. You can rely on our deep understanding of medical and legal nuances to help pursue a positive resolution.

Access to Medical Experts

We collaborate with a network of trusted medical experts who specialize in cardiology and related fields. These experts play a crucial role in our cases. They provide invaluable insights, opinions, and testimony to support our clients’ claims. By leveraging their expertise, we can strengthen your case and seek maximum compensation. 

Negotiating for a Fair Settlement

Many medical malpractice cases end with a settlement, which is a private agreement between you and the liable party. Our attorneys excel in negotiating fair settlements with medical professionals and insurance companies. We will aggressively pursue the most compensation available and show why the law and evidence support your claim. 

Taking Your Case to Trial

Sometimes, negotiations don’t lead to a settlement. If this happens, we are ready to take your case to court and fight for your rights. Our trial-ready attorneys have extensive experience arguing in front of judges and juries. They will build strong arguments that explain the nuances of medical malpractice and show why you need compensation. 

Peace of Mind

We understand the emotional weight of a cardiology error. Our focus is on reducing your stress so you can focus on recovery. Your cardiology error lawyer will keep you informed at all times so you can make empowered decisions.  

Damages Available in Cardiology Negligence Claims

Cardiology errors can significantly impact your life, causing physical, emotional, and financial hardship. If you suffered due to a cardiologist’s mistake, you may be eligible for compensation for these losses

Potential damages you can recover include:

  • Medical expenses. Your claim can recover past and future medical costs associated with the error. These expenses include hospital stays, medication, physical therapy, and other necessary medical care.
  • Lost wages. Compensation can replace lost income if your injury prevents you from working. This may also include lost future earning potential if it impacts your ability to return to your former role.
  • Pain and suffering. A medical malpractice lawsuit can provide compensation for physical and emotional pain. These damages include discomfort, emotional distress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. Some injuries can impact your ability to participate in activities you once enjoyed. A settlement can provide compensation for this lost quality of life.
  • Punitive damages. In rare cases, a court can award punitive damages to punish the healthcare provider for their misconduct.

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and the specific damages you may be entitled to will depend on the unique facts of your case. Work with the attorneys at Dempsey, Kingsland & Osteen to review your damages and calculate the value of your claim.

File Within the Statute of Limitations

In Missouri, there’s a time limit for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, known as the statute of limitations. Under this law, you generally have two years from the date you discovered your injury or the date the negligent act occurred to file your claim. Missing this deadline could hinder your ability to seek compensation. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure you file on time.

Speak with a Kansas City Cardiology Error Lawyer

If you believe you or a loved one has suffered due to a cardiologist’s mistake, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance. The compassionate team at Dempsey, Kingsland & Osteen is here to fight for your rights. With millions of dollars recovered for clients, our firm has what it takes to hold negligent doctors accountable. 

Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation and discuss your cardiology malpractice case.

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