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Young person holds an elder's hand in comfort

5 Stories of Nursing Home Abuse You Need to Know

All kinds of elder abuse are shameful no matter what. Elders are some of the most vulnerable people in the U.S. population, which makes them particularly susceptible to abuse of all types.

Most nursing home abuse falls into one of the following categories:

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Sexual
  • Financial
  • Neglect

While most nursing homes do everything possible to keep residents safe and comfortable, there are outliers that don’t treat all residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. We feel strongly that these negligent facilities should be held accountable for their wrongdoing.

To demonstrate just how bad the mistreatment can get, we’ve gathered five of the most disturbing stories of nursing home abuse.

#1 - Sexual Exploitation

An 83-year-old woman in a Minneapolis care facility was violated by a male caregiver in 2014. The patient was unable to speak, which made it challenging for her to report the abuse she endured.

The perpetrator was sentenced to eight years in prison for his actions.

"I still feel the guilt of not being able to take care of her myself and having to entrust her care to others only to have her subjected to this unthinkable assault," her daughter said.

#2 - Severe Neglect

A woman in an Iowa nursing home lost her life as a result of severe neglect. She was hospitalized when an overnight nurse reported that the resident was moaning around 3 a.m.

When she arrived at the hospital, an emergency room physician explained to her daughter that she was extremely dehydrated and had probably suffered a stroke. The physician stated that the resident went without water or any type of fluids for at least four or five days.

The facility was fined $77,463 for deficiencies in care.

#3 - Physical Abuse

A patient in a New Jersey nursing facility was a victim of physical force when the disoriented resident refused to get up from the toilet. In order to make the resident stand up, an abusive certified nurse aide (CNA) “began to pull the resident’s hair and pull the nipple on the resident’s breast to get the resident to stand up,” according to inspectors.

The incident went unreported for five days because the aide who witnessed the abuse was afraid to speak out.

#4 - Negligent Homicide

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana hard. A mandatory evacuation order was issued in order to keep Louisiana residents safe.

Many nursing homes in the region evacuated residents, but one nursing facility decided not to. The facility stated they were afraid moving the residents would put them at risk since the owners were confident that the nursing home was safe on high ground.

When the levees broke, floodwaters rushed in, drowning 35 residents, most of whom were still in their hospital beds or wheelchairs.

The owners of the facility were ultimately tried on 35 counts of negligent homicide and 24 counts of cruelty to the elderly.

#5 - Multiple Acts of Sexual Abuse

In North Carolina, a male caregiver was accused of sexually abusing six women in three facilities in the region throughout the course of two decades. The victims were all in their 50s to 80s and suffered from long-term debilitating ailments.

The perpetrator was found guilty on two counts of forcible rape, one count of forcible sex, and three counts of sexual activity by a custodian. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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