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Medical Industry Alarm: When Bad Doctors Continue to Practice

Lay persons — that is, members of the general public — are not often intimately familiar with important details relating to the medical profession.

For obvious reasons, that is hardly surprising. The practice of medicine is complicated by any measure. Those who can lawfully engage in it do so only after they receive due credentials following many years of arduous study and clinical experience.

Consequently, persons not commanding such intense training and expertise necessarily depend upon those who do when illness strikes. As we noted an article on our website addressing medical errors, “we rely on medical professionals to make [important medical] decisions for us” when we suffer a debilitating condition or disease.

And we generally do so with absolute trust in our family doctors and other care providers.

As a considerable body of evidence indicates, that trust is not always rewarded by a rendering of competent medical care. As our article pointed out, the medical industry is not immune from bad actors; many doctors commit negligent acts that result directly in patient harm, with some of those physicians repeatedly delivering shoddy medical care.

In a perfect world, doctors with clearly problematic safety records are routinely dealt with in a manner that precludes any possibility that they will harm patients in the future.

Unfortunately, no such universe exists and, in reality, problem doctors often escape the scrutiny of medical authorities or are allowed to continue practicing even in the wake of confirmed and repeated errors.

As we pointed out in our article, patients who are injured through medical negligence can bring a legal claim for damages regardless of whether a negligent doctor has been subjected to punishment or discipline by medical authorities.

A proven plaintiffs’ medical malpractice attorney can answer questions and respond to any questions or concerns regarding negligent medical treatment.