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How Mothers Can Be Harmed During Childbirth

There are seemingly endless ways that babies can be harmed during birth, but there are also many ways that mothers can endure injuries while giving birth.

Read on to learn some ways that mothers can become injured during childbirth.

Ways Mothers Can Be Harmed While Giving Birth

Typically, birth injuries to mothers land in one of two primary categories:

  1. Perineal area injuries
  2. Pelvic floor injuries

Perineal Area Injuries

Perineal tears and episiotomies are relatively common birth injuries that mothers endure. More than eight in 10 women who give birth vaginally endure perineal trauma, which is a tear or surgical cut to the region between the vagina and anus.

Sometimes, nerves in the perineal area can be harmed during birth, which may prompt a painful ailment called pudendal neuralgia.

Hemorrhoids can also occur, which are raised veins around the anus that can present themselves as lumps. Hemorrhoids are typically not serious but can be painful or itchy.

Pelvic Floor Injuries

Mothers can endure damage to the pelvic floor muscles, which is the group of muscles in the pelvis that helps hold the uterus, bladder, and bowel in position. About half of all women who give birth vaginally endure a transformation to the pelvic floor as a result of over-stretching or tearing (avulsion).

When the pelvic muscles are impaired or weakened, the organs within the pelvis may drop down toward the vagina, which causes bladder and bowel issues.

Birth Injury Causes

When a mother endures a birth injury, it’s typically due to a factor completely out of her control. Some of the leading risk factors include the following:

  • The baby’s position, such as in a breech birth
  • Having a large baby ~9 pounds (lbs)
  • Having a very fast or very long labor
  • Labor complications
  • Assisted delivery through the use of forceps or vacuum
  • Having a small or uncommonly shaped pelvis

Reducing Your Chances of a Birth Injury

While birth injuries are often out of the mother’s control, it’s still a good idea to do the following during pregnancy so you can reduce your risk:

  • Exercise regularly using pregnancy-safe routines
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles using pelvic floor exercises
  • Avoid constipation since it can weaken your pelvic muscles
  • A cesarean section birth can prevent certain injuries, but it is a major surgery that carries serious health risks and should only be conducted with your doctor’s recommendation

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