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Head-on Collision -- $4 Million Settlement

Our client sustained multiple, serious injuries from a head-on collision that happened on the highway in Southeast Kansas. We settled this case without needing to file suit after we obtained a life care plan from a certified life care planner who itemized and priced all of the future care needs of the client.

During the course of our working on the case, the client was diagnosed with an unrelated medical condition that could have substantially limited the settlement value of her case. She was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of breast cancer which appeared to have terminal potential. Assisted by our medical team, we obtained medical literature that educated us on the breast cancer at issue so that we could then discuss all of the issues pertaining to her cancer diagnosis with her treating oncologist at M D Anderson Hospital in Houston. The treating oncologist prepared a report at our request certifying that the client’s cancer had been diagnosed and treated at an early stage and that she had an excellent prognosis. We were able to stack coverages from multiple insurance carriers to achieve the above result. All insurance coverage applicable to the case was exhausted.