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Amputations Resulting From Surgical Errors & Infections

On our blog page, we have already discussed how medical malpractice can lead to catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, this is far too common, and one of the most catastrophic injuries you can sustain is amputation. Of course, losing a limb is never easy, especially when it’s the result of someone else’s actions and oversight.

In personal injury law, you may hold a medical professional accountable if they cause you to lose a limb. Below, we will explain how surgical errors and infections may lead to amputations and what your options are to pursue compensation.

Surgical Errors

You may suffer an amputation from a surgical error if the doctor performs a wrong site surgery. This means that you were supposed to have surgery on a specific body part, but through miscommunication or misdiagnosis, the doctor operated on a different body part. A situation like this could lead to significant damage.

Surgery on the wrong patient can also be a situation in which you suffer an amputation because of an error. If there is miscommunication, it can lead to the doctor performing surgery on you that you don’t need.


Sepsis is one of the most dangerous infections someone can sustain in a hospital setting. It can cause clotting, which may require amputation, but it’s often negligence that can lead to a patient sustaining sepsis in the first place. When this happens, it’s vital to recognize how you can pursue compensation from a negligent party.

Certain diseases can also prompt an amputation, but a problem with misdiagnosis or wrong patient surgery can cause significant problems.

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