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Common Types of Surgical Errors

When you need a surgical procedure to heal an injury, ailment, or other condition, you trust that doctors will help you without concern. Unfortunately, some problems can arise during surgical procedures that result in some of the most damaging results possible.

In this difficult situation, it helps to recognize what surgical errors are and how they can be so harmful. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common types of surgical errors. These problems in an operating room can be severely damaging and, in some cases, fatal.

  • Wrong site surgery
  • Surgery on the wrong patient
  • Mistakes during surgery
  • Leaving an item inside a patient

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Wrong Site Surgery

One big problem that can arise because of misdiagnosis is wrong site surgery. In this situation, doctors may perform surgery on the wrong body part—often a part of your body that doesn’t require surgery. For instance, if you require surgery for a spine issue, but the team of doctor operates on a different part of the spine, it could lead to severe problems.

When a doctor performs wrong site surgery, it also prevents you from receiving the surgery you do need, potentially allowing your condition to worsen. For the safety of patients, doctors must get it right, so they don’t create a potential danger for you.

Surgery on the Wrong Patient

When your doctor enters the room, they should ask for your name and birthdate. The reason for this is to confirm your identity. Unfortunately, some doctors fail in this regard, and they don’t always do everything they can to ensure they have the right patient.

While it’s rare, it does happen, and it can lead to surgery on the wrong patient. Unfortunately, a doctor can cause catastrophic harm if they are operating on a patient who doesn’t require the surgery. Even more, the patient who should receive the surgery may not get the procedure they need.

Mistakes During Surgery

Mistakes during surgery can vary greatly, but they can all have the same damaging effects. For instance, a doctor may move just slightly and cause an incision that shouldn’t exist. Some of the other mistakes that can arise include the following:

  • Puncturing a vital organ
  • Causing internal bleeding
  • Using the wrong tools
  • Causing an anesthesia error

Any mistake made during surgery can be detrimental, leaving you with long-term pain and suffering.

Leaving an Item Inside a Patient

In many situations, problems can arise after the surgery is complete. A doctor may leave an item inside your body upon completing the surgery, such as gauze, surgical tools, cloth, and more. Items left inside a patient can lead to infections and long-term health problems. Some dangers can cause even further catastrophic harm.

Doctors must be precise any time they are dealing with a patient. Unfortunately, errors occur and create dangers for numerous patients each year. When this happens, it’s vital to recognize how you can hold negligent doctors accountable and pursue compensation for the damages you endure following a surgical error.

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Our Kansas City medical malpractice lawyers go the extra mile to protect you through all legal matters. We’ll pursue maximum compensation on your behalf, especially when a doctor or professional medical crew is responsible for the pain you endure.

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