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Preventing Surgical Errors & How to Protect Yourself

When you need to have surgery, the fear of a potential error can be overwhelming. As such, you should recognize the various ways to protect yourself if you need to have a procedure done. The things you do before your surgery can help prevent an error and the potential harm that can arise because of a surgical mistake.

Research Your Doctor and the Hospital

To give yourself peace of mind, look into the doctor who is performing the surgery and the hospital where it will happen. If there is any history of negligence, you want to be wary and discuss your concerns. If you’re uneasy after the conversation, consider seeking another doctor through a referral with your primary care physician.

Discuss the Surgery with Your Doctor First

Make sure you discuss your surgery with your doctor in full. You should know what the surgical procedure is and confirm that it doesn’t change. If your doctor has false information about your surgery, you should be sure to bring it up with them.

Confirm Your Surgery Site

You want the doctor to confirm your surgery site multiple times before the actual procedure. Ensuring your doctor knows where to operate can prevent a wrong site surgery, which can cause significant harm.

Ensure Your Friends and Family Know About the Surgery

Discuss your procedure with your friends and family so they know what to expect. Relay all information you receive. If something goes wrong, such as a wrong site surgery or any other error, your friends and families will be able to help your case.

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