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$43.1 million recovery - Vaccine leads to paralysis/quadriplegia

It is believed that this case is the single largest recovery for an individual for a vaccine injury in the United States. The case arises from a devastating adverse reaction to a measles, mumps & rubella (MMR) vaccine administered at a local pediatric clinic in Kansas City, Missouri To the then one (1) year old child. As a result, the child was rendered quadriplegic due to massive cervical spinal cord injury secondary to the development of transverse myelitis caused by the vaccine. The case was tried in Washington D.C. with an ultimate determination of liability. The case was then settled for $43.1 million. Past medical expenses were $1,475,000.00. Future income loss: $607,989.00 to $797,115.00. Future medical and care expenses were significantly in the eight figure range. M.A.R. v. United States Department of Health and Human Resources.