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Wrong Hip X-Rayed - Results in Physical Therapy to 'Fractured' Hip - Terrible Disruption of Joint - Confidential Settlement

A woman is admitted to the hospital. She suffers a fall on her right side. She is soon taken to radiology due to her complaints of right sided pain. Unfortunately, she is x-rayed on the left side. Of course, the x-ray shows nothing abnormal. Even her physician comes to her room and holds the x-ray and explains that nothing is abnormal. Of course, not only is the film labeled as the “left” hip, but the radiology report clearly indicated is of the left hip.

Unfortunately, the patient has suffered a fracture to her right hip. To greatly magnify the problem, her caregivers begin physical therapy on her fractured right hip. This greatly aggravates the problem. When she is released (thankfully) from this facility, her true condition is soon diagnosed by her family doctor. Sadly, her hip is now so deranged by the physical therapy that she must undergo complicated surgery instead of a simple joint replacement.

A confidential settlement was soon reached.