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Private Prison in Care of Young Woman Fails to Provide Any Meaningful Care to Worsening Complications of Appendicitis - Death

Prison cases are difficult. Jurors are not necessarily sympathetic to prisoners who have acted irresponsibly and are imprisoned. However, we must not ever tolerate denial of emergency medical care to prisoners. This is exactly what happened here.

This poor woman was incarcerated for a not too lengthy sentence. During her incarceration, she had the misfortune to experience an appendicitis. The prison, disgustingly denied this poor woman her needed medical treatment to the point that she died.

Much effort was made to seek the testimony of her many fellow prisoners. All testified how this poor woman (mother and wife) tried with great frustration to seek medical care. The private prison simply ignored her week‘s long cry for help. Her death was the ultimate fate.

After prolonged litigation, a confidential settlement was reached. By the way, we HATE private prisons.

Confidential Settlement