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The Importance of Preserving Evidence After a Car Crash

When a car crash happens due to a motorist’s negligence, those injured may seek relief through legal action. In a personal injury suit, the proper preservation of evidence may make the difference in determining accident fault and liability.

Preserving the Accident Scene

Evidence left at the crash scene must be preserved as soon as possible. For example, paint markings and skid marks are usually left behind but can fade away quickly. Police usually secure the scene, take photos, put together accident reports and mark the scene. Marking the scene usually involves using evidence flags or spray paint to document key items in the area surrounding the crash. Although many police officers investigate car accident scenes thoroughly, sometimes officers neglect to gather all of the evidence present or fail to document important information.

Common evidence that is found at the scene includes:

  • Tire tracks and skid marks
  • Damage to structures on the roads such as telephone poles and curbs
  • Debris from damaged vehicles
  • Vehicle resting positions and points of impact
  • Personal items that fell out of vehicles or off of pedestrians
  • Marks or gashes in the dirt or pavement

Accident reconstructionists are valuable professionals in a personal injury lawsuit. They can evaluate the available evidence and reconstruct the auto accident to demonstrate what actually occurred, thereby assisting in the determination of fault and liability.

Steps Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Can Take to Preserve Evidence

When possible, people involved in a car crash should take their own pictures of anything related to the accident. Photographs should be taken from different angles and document all injuries to victims and damage to property. When photographing injuries people may want to include a ruler or object that will show the size of the injury.

It is also wise for those involved to take notes of their memories of the crash. Notes should be detailed and written down as soon as possible before memories fade. For individuals that are injured, notes should be taken daily to record the symptoms they are feeling and how it is changing their everyday lives.

How an Attorney Can Assist

An attorney can assist in accident investigation, and pursue contacting an accident reconstructionist if necessary. Lawyers will work to help ensure evidence is collected, preserved, and used to create a strong case against the individuals responsible for your suffering.