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Missouri Drivers Some of the Worst in the Nation, Study Finds

People have a variety of opinions about where the worst drivers are in the United States. The states with more urban areas, like New York or California, may come to mind. A recent study sought to quantifiably determine the answer to this question and came up with some results that may be surprising to many. It found Missouri drivers were the second worst in the United States, and the state with the dubious top honor was Louisiana.

The study focused on driving habits and intervening factors that cause auto accidents. Items considered included fatalities per million miles, careless driving, drunk driving and traffic citations. The ranking took into consideration data from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the American Motorists Association and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ( NHTSA). The purpose of the report was to explain variations in car insurance rates.

Although Missouri scored poorly in almost every area, two particular issues that significantly lowered Missouri’s rating were drunk driving and careless driving statistics. Both factors potentially lead to motor vehicle accidents in Missouri.

Northern states tended to have the best safety records. Kansas ranked 16 th worst.

Missouri drivers may disagree with the results, and some data shows the state has made significant improvements in road safety. The Missouri State Highway Patrol claims over each of the past six years crash fatalities have decreased, and drunk driving has also declined in the past year.

Regardless of the study results, it is clear that road and driver safety in Missouri are areas in need of continued improvement.