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Elective Surgery Fraud/Malpractice - $2.69 Million Combined Settlements

John and Jane Does v. __________, M.D. et al.

A local Kansas City surgeon committed fraud when he advertised on the local television station that he performing a new and improved elective surgery procedure right here in the Kansas City area that would change his patients’ lives forever. Previously this new and revolutionary elective procedure was only being performed in locations distant from Kansas City.

On the morning following the news segment, the surgeon’s phone was ringing off the hook as countless patients in the Kansas City area called into his office as soon as they could because they were so excited about the new wonderful procedure. The surgeon received so many calls after his airing on the local news that his elective surgery practice quadrupled within one week.

The horrible truth was that this surgeon was not performing the new procedure he promised and never had any training or experience at all in the new and revolutionary surgery he advertised. Instead this surgeon was performing a dangerous and unrecognized variation of a much older and abandoned elective surgery procedure upon his patients.

Dempsey and Kingsland, P.C. represented several Plaintiffs who were repeatedly hospitalized and were permanently damaged as a result of this surgeon’s fraudulent conduct. The team at Dempsey and Kingsland, P.C. did a thorough investigation into these patients injuries and discovered this surgeon’s fraud; the fact that he was not performing the surgery that he represented to his patients on the local news and then again misrepresented to his patients in consultations causing their catastrophic injuries. Lawyers active in preparation of the case were Leland Dempsey. (Details of combined settlements confidential).