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Assault Charge Filed in December Crash that Left 3 with Head Trauma

It is the nature of vehicle crashes that they happen so suddenly that they can’t be avoided. Even though the collision happens in the matter of a blink of an eye, the physical trauma that victims may suffer can last for a lifetime.

That is often the case with traumatic brain injury. Even a less severe form of trauma, such as a concussion, can so rattle a person’s brain that they can experience physical and mental impairments for months or even years after the incident.

Victims of temporary or permanent brain injury should be aware they may have solid legal ground to seek compensation for their pain, suffering and anticipated needs. This may be especially true if the injuries leave them unable to support themselves in the way they were able to before the crash. Contacting an attorney is always advised.

This may be something that three individuals involved in a crash back in December have already done.

The incident happened in western Missouri just after Christmas, but a criminal charge of second degree assault was filed against the driver believed to be responsible only this week.

According to authorities in Hannibal, the man charged was driving a pickup truck when he lost control of the vehicle. The truck reportedly first struck a bus. It then went on to hit a number of parked vehicles, and a commercial business sign before slamming into an SUV driven by a man from Shelbina.

Officials say the driver of the SUV and one of two passengers both suffered concussions in the collision. A third passenger in the back of the SUV also suffered a head wound that required suturing. Their current conditions aren’t provided in the report about the matter.

There are several issues that suggest that negligence and recklessness may have been factors in this crash. For one thing, witnesses reported that the pickup truck went airborne in the accident, suggesting speed may have been involved. Also, authorities say the pickup’s driver had been driving on a suspended license.

Source: Hannibal Courier-Post, “Stardust traffic accident leads to felony assault charge,” Mary Lou Montgomery, April 1, 2014