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Birth Injury: the Need for a Meaningful Legal Response, Recovery

For obvious reasons, birth injuries that occur during or closely following upon a newborn’s entry into the world are highly distressing for a mother and family members.

Even in instances where long-term and adverse birth-related injuries do not result, the fears and stresses associated with a botched or otherwise confused medical response during birth can be notably stressful and even devastating. A birth mother is, of course, intimately affected, as is a father and other loved ones who have long waited for a newborn’s arrival.

And it is unquestionable that lifelong pain and turmoil can result for all family members in instances where a medical malpractice act or omission has clearly contributed to — or even caused outright — permanent physical and/or cognitive damage to an infant.

As we note on our website’s Kansas City Birth Injury page at Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C., the ability of a family that has suffered from a birth injury episode owing to medical negligence to obtain some peace of mind and security going forward can be greatly enhanced by a medical malpractice recovery.

At first blush, it is understandable why many people might not readily recognize that as being the case. Truly, money cannot fully compensate for medical harm caused to a loved one. We all know that.

However, a family can be greatly buoyed by knowing that receiving damage compensation in a birth injury case will help provide, when necessary, for the lifelong medical care that might be required in a given case. A damage recovery can also be applied toward educational and other resources. Importantly, too, the acknowledgment of error, coupled with its deterrent effect in many instances, is comforting to many families.

Our attorneys are flatly dedicated to every family that seeks our assistance in a birth injury matter. We are empathetic and strongly sensitive to your emotions and needs, and we act with pride — bringing all our legal experience to bear — on your behalf.

Our goal in every instance is to secure a financial outcome that fully promotes the best outcome for a family both immediately and for the long term. We welcome your scrutiny of our website and firm.