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Football Players File Suit Citing Failure to Diagnose Concussions

With college football season in full swing, there are many fans across Missouri who will be heading out to games and tuning in to watch them on TV. Football fans want to see big plays and hard hits, but it is important to keep in mind that these players can get seriously injured on the field. Keeping them safe is a top priority, but unfortunately, too many of these athletes are suffering the consequences of inadequate medical care and treatment.

This is especially evident as we look at the rate at which players are getting concussions which are not properly prevented, diagnosed and treated. Without prompt and effective medical attention, the consequences of a head injury can be catastrophic for victims. This is exactly what three former football players say they have experienced after the NCAA failed to diagnose concussions they suffered during their college careers.

The three men say that they were never properly informed of the risks associated with concussions. They also allege that despite having the medical resources and tools to prevent, diagnose and treat these types of injuries, the NCAA failed to do so. They now say they have been suffering from the effects of untreated concussions, which include severe and ongoing headaches.

When the brain experiences a trauma, there are a number of ways in which a person’s health can deteriorate. Sometimes the damage can be seen immediately, but other times the symptoms of a brain injury play out over time. This can include memory loss, headaches, cognitive impairment, personality changes and difficulties controlling certain impulses and concentrating.

The three former players are among many others across the country who have taken legal action against the NCAA for negligence in dealing with concussions. There are also a number of professional football players who have filed lawsuits against the NFL for the same reason. The issue is clearly widespread and there may be current and former football players right here in Kansas City who may have also experienced the serious consequences of a concussion. These people may want to speak with an attorney to discuss their legal options in terms of pursuing compensation for their injuries.

Source: The Republic, “3 former football players sue NCAA over failure to prevent, diagnose and treat brain injuries,” Sept. 4, 2013