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12th Complaint Against Kansas City Group for Fraudulent Diagnosis

A local man claims that a doctor, the founder of the clinic Health Centers of America in Kansas City, falsely diagnosed him with 18 different diseases, all before she bothered to examine him, take a medical history, run diagnostic tests, or indeed meet him at all. In addition to making false diagnoses ranging from insomnia to cortico-adrenal insufficiency, the man claims, she later tried to convince him he was sick because there were “bugs” hiding inside “his biofilm,” which would be undetectable by standard modern medical techniques.

Unfortunately, he isn’t the first person to sue Health Centers of America for diagnostic failures like these. Since 2009, eleven other patients have sued the clinic and its founder for malpractice after having experienced virtually identical problems.

In this case, the man claims that the Health Centers of America doctor diagnosed him with 18 separate medical issues before she ever met him or received any test results: beta strep; chronic fatigue syndrome; chronic sinusitis; constipation; cortico-adrenal insufficiency; general memory loss; generalized anxiety disorder; hypercoagulation; hypertension; hypoglycemia; insomnia; iodine deficiency; irritable bowel syndrome; Lyme disease; nutritional deficiency; systemic candidiasis; tremors; and vasculitis.

According to the lawsuit, these were the doctor’s “pet” diagnoses — apparently she negligently diagnosed these for most of her patients on their first visits without bothering to examine them or obtain supporting test results.

The man says Health Centers of America employees then urged him that he needed important lab work on his blood, saliva, stool, brain and body. After they took some 40 vials of blood for the tests, which costs thousands of dollars, the man discovered that many of the tests weren’t even scientific.

Diagnostic failures cost people their health and their lives. Through his lawsuit, this man seeks not only compensation for his actual costs, but also the chance to stop this outrageous medical malpractice with punitive damages. He is also suing for fraud, negligence and Missouri Merchandising Practices Act violations.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Doctor Under Heat From Irate Patients,” Joe Harris, April 10, 2013