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Summer HEAT Campaign to Decrease Missouri Auto Accidents

There are a lot of factors that contribute to summer car accidents, including increased road construction, more young and inexperienced drivers on the road due to school being out of session, as well as more families on the roads for summer trips, especially over the 4th of July.

Statistics confirm there are more Missouri motor vehicle accidents over the summer months. MoDOT reports that for the last five years, a majority of Missouri’s serious and deadly traffic accidents occurred between July and September. During the summer of 2010, there were 258 fatalities on Missouri roads, while over 1,700 people were seriously injured.

In an effort to combat summer car accidents, Missouri law enforcement has launched the HEAT (Highway Enforcement Action Teams) campaign increasing police enforcement on the roads throughout the summer driving season. This year the HEAT campaign runs from June 21 through September 22, and while for the past three years it has been primarily a Missouri campaign, this year the Kansas police are joining the road safety enforcement effort as well.

The campaign has resulted in police finding numerous traffic violators including speeders and drunk drivers. During last year’s effort, a project on Interstate 70 resulted in 1,080 traffic violators being caught during a 24-hour period. The purpose behind this increased enforcement isn’t just about writing tickets, however, it’s about saving lives. In fact, progress is being made, and 2010 was the fifth consecutive year fatalities decreased on Missouri roads.

But of course, staying safe on the roads is everyone’s responsibility. Drivers should make a personal commitment to stay sober and obey traffic laws all year round. This will make everyone safer on the roads no matter what the season.

Source: MoDOT police launch HEAT is on campaign